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SL50 / SG50 Product Awareness & Logikal workshop

A guide to using the LogiKal Software Package and specific product information

workshop outline*GQA ACCREDITED

This 2-day workshop has been designed to provide awareness of the AluK SL50 & SG50 Curtain Wall Systems, some of which will be covered during the Logikal training on the second day.  The course has been created for delegate[s] with no prior knowledge or minimal knowledge of AluK’s commercial curtain wall product offer. It can also be useful as part of an introduction into the industry or as refresher course. 

The aim of day 1 is to provide those attending with an understanding of SL50 & SG50 Curtain Wall Systems. The workshop will look at identifying the various system and discuss the systems capabilities.

The aim of day 2 is to introduce you to the Logikal System. We’ll start with an empty Logikal file and gradually build up a project using the AluK SL50 & SG50 Curtain Wall Systems. The course starts with the basic elements on each system and then adds more complex knowledge of outputs about estimation and production.

While the workshop does not assume any prior Logikal knowledge [aluminium system background is useful], it provides value to users at a variety of levels. Novice and experienced attendees to become acquainted with the full spectrum of options and learn the basics of creating AluK Systems learning processing tools centred on efficiency.

The delegate will be instructed on project set up, structural input, position input, output Eco/Fab documents, cross sections and U-value reports on the systems indicated in the agenda.

* This is a GQA Qualifications Ltd Accredited Course and there is a short end of course assessment to take to gain the GQA Certificate.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1

  • Workshop Introduction
  • AluK Technical Manual Content
  • The SL50 & SG50 Curtain Wall System range
  • Specification / Testing Data
  • Profile / Hardware / Accessory range
  • Typical Details
  • Glazing Details
  • Tooling and Equipment
  • Assembly / Fabrication

Day 2

  • Orgadata Logikal Software Package Overview
  • Design Wind Load Overview
  • Processing Paper [SL50 & SG50 Curtain Wall Design Configurations]
  • Assessment Paper [SL50 & SG50 Curtain Wall AluK Systems]

Workshop Objectives

By the end of this workshop those attending will be able to:

  • Improve your understanding of the AluK SL50 & SG50 Curtain Wall Systems
  • Identify variants of the SL50 & SG50 Curtain Wall Systems within the AluK range
  • Use the AluK Technical Manuals to identify profiles, hardware, accessories, assembly and fabrication processes for the whole system range
  • Make the attendee aware of the SL50 & SG50 system limitations and testing & specifying criteria to specify products accordingly
  • A broader knowledge of the Logikal Production Software and how to utilise it to achieve complete project packages to manufacture and submit detailed documentation including Cutting List, Glass Sizes, Estimation Summaries & U-Value Reports

Additional information:

What should you bring along?

  • High Visibility Jacket
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety Glasses

Lunch will be provided on both days [please notify of any dietary requirements]